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About Us

Your friend in Scotland

We offer a truly bespoke service which helps with every aspect of moving to Scotland from overseas.  We operate with the utmost discretion and are always aware of the potential challenges generated by changes in world politics and other global events.

We are a small group of passionate business people each with many years experience of global business.  We have lived overseas and experienced first-hand the challenges that an international move brings.  We understand that desk-based research simply can't compete with people 'on the ground'.  We know that arriving in a new country can be difficult; living in a new place is so very different from taking a holiday or vacation there.

Areas we can help with include:

  • Finding regions of the country (and areas of specific towns and cities) which are suitable for you based on preferences and requirements

  • Advising on, and securing a place in the most appropriate (private or public) schools

  • Introducing the younger members of our family to a peer based in Scotland who can answer questions or address worries that they may have about life here

  • Physical viewing of property on your behalf - to make the most of the best opportunities, highlight potential areas of concern, and complete negotiations

  • Overseeing any renovations that may be required to property prior to residence

  • Consultation on UK business structures and incorporation, setting up of bank accounts, etc 

  • Support in securing business premises and / or talent

Note that this list is not exhaustive.